Why come to a yoga class with me?

I teach yoga for those looking to alleviate stress in their lives, improve their relationship with their body or rediscover and retain functional movement. Why not join a class to include some productive, mindful and fun activity in your day?

Group Classes – Every Wednesday at 7pm (UK time)

Working towards a monthly focus, come and join a Tuesday evening class online. A vinyasa flow style class. All abilities welcome.

August Focus: Happy Hips and Hamstrings – working on or towards poses like King Pigeon, Dancer, Cow Face and Bound Angle.

Private Classes

Do you want to work on your personal goals? Contact me for a free taster session and we can work together so that I can create you a custom program that works for you.

Beautiful classes with unique movement and flow. Eliza is an unfailingly positive and enthusiastic teacher, highly recommended! ~ Natalie H, Italy

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